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This website is my com­ment­ary on unsub­stan­tial mat­ters; it’s a learn­ing vehicle and test­bed for web design tools and ideas. The look and style of the site may change from time to time. Don’t expect men­tion of sex, reli­gion or polit­ics in the content.
The per­son­al blog con­tent helps me keep in touch with friends, col­leagues and fam­ily spread around three con­tin­ents too. So I kill two birds with one stone.

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Most Recent Article

Big Time Catch Up 2020

Published: 17 January 2021

Like it did everyone else, the COVID 19 lockdown and other measures impacted what we did and how we did it in 2020. They still do, of course. Notwithstanding being cooped up at home more than usual, I couldn't bring myself to write up our 2019 happenings and post it out at Easter in 2020. But, things change, and I have now and included an interesting 2020 update. read it

Recent Articles

Easter Tradition - 2019

Published: 20 April 2019

An Easter review of our happenings and holidays in 2018. Trips to prisons, Belgium, Maine and South Carolina Read It

Tardy Greetings – Easter 2018

Published: 20 January 2018

It’s Easter, the Year is no longer new and already shows signs of wear. We are very late getting this out. Still, des­pite our tardi­ness, we wish you a Happy Easter Read It

Christmas Message 2016

Published: 15 December 2016

We will spend our first Christmas and New Year at home in over a decade. We enjoy our trips away over these holidays but have to stay put this time. Here's why ... Read It

Happy New Year 2016

Published: 27 January 2016

We spent Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016 in Isle of Palms. It's a city on the barrier island of the same name that flanks Charleston Bay in SC. Warmer winter days and evenings caused a thick mist to hang around the coast much of the time but it was great place for the Vizslas. Read It

Christmas Update - 2015

Published: 16 December 2015

It’s forecast to be a pleasant 70ºF/20ºC here most of this and next week. So, our usual rationale of ‘escaping the NOVA damp and cold’ doesn’t wash this time. Nevertheless we are off down to Isle of Palms. Read It

New Year Greetings - 2015

Published: 15 January 2015

Throughout the summer, we longed to get away from the heat and humidity here in N Virginia to the earlier Fall in Maine. Just a few months later, we couldn’t wait to escape the wet and cold of the winter here by decanting to South Carolina for Christmas and New Year. Read It

Not Just Halloween

Published: 31 October 2012

There's more to 31 October than Halloween, it's also the anniversary of the last successful offensive cavalry charge. Read It

Low Country Christmases

Published: 15 February 2012

We have spent Christmas in Beaufort in South Carolina's Low Country for several years now. Here are some of my images that tell the story. Read It

Christmas 2012

Published: 25 January 2012

Usually, we head south to the Low Country to escape the miserable cold and wet around here at Christmas. In 2012 we stayed in a house high up in the Blue Ridge Highlands and encountered some bitterly cold conditions. Read It

Holidays in Maine

Published: 20 January 2012

We like being in Maine very much. Early Escapes from the Heat and Humidity Quite the most sensible dog laws in the country and wonderful walks.  Read It