About this Blog

There is a self serving point to it.

Officers' Mess - War Drawings by Muirhead Bone © IWM (Art.IWM REPRO 000684 5)
Officers’ Mess — War Draw­ings by Muir­head Bone © IWM (Art.IWM REPRO 000684 5)

So, what is this about ?

It’s my take or com­ment­ary on unsub­stan­tial mat­ters. The site is a per­son­al learn­ing vehicle and test bed for web design tools and ideas. For instance, the hero image on this page was an exer­cise in using the Imper­i­al War Museum’s pro­to­cols to show an image from their superb col­lec­tion. So the look and style of the site will change from time to time and there may be an unfin­ished qual­ity to it all.

What it’s not about

Before, dur­ing and likely after my time, juni­or officers in the Brit­ish Army were com­manded not to dis­cuss sex, reli­gion or polit­ics in the Mess. Nor were they to dis­cuss a lady by name. Such restraint was said to con­trib­ute to polite and con­vivi­al con­ver­sa­tion. On the whole, it did. Just look at the char­ac­ters in Muir­head Bone’s drawing.

As a res­ult, I dis­like more and more the polar­iz­ing agenda-driv­en nature of so much of the mater­i­al delivered online on these sub­jects. It is unfail­ingly bereft of bal­ance. Nobody I care about can be bothered with it either.

So, in the finest tra­di­tion, no sex, reli­gion or polit­ics here. Dull? Cer­tainly, but there is plenty of it else­where on the net.

Who is it for ?

It’s for me, mostly. It’s good at help­ing me keep in touch with friends, col­leagues and fam­ily spread around three con­tin­ents most of whom don’t use Twit­ter, Google+, Skype et al and so I can kill two birds with one stone.

What’s with the Ye Wee Blogger”?

My Scots Ma called me a wee blog­ger” or sim­il­ar when I did some­thing of which she dis­ap­proved, so that was often. I was prob­ably well into my thirties before she stopped doing it.


We built this site using the Processwire Con­tent Man­age­ment Sys­tem and the UIKit (Ver­sion 3) Fron­tend Frame­work. The typefaces we use are DIN Con­densed for most of the titles and head­ers and FF Basic Goth­ic for everything else, all delivered by Typekit. Font Awe­some provides the icons . I have a site with much the same con­tent as this one at yeweeb​log​ger​.com and whas​like​.us too but using some dif­fer­ent build­ing blocks.

I host my own and my cli­ents’ sites on Liquid Web. From there, they are provided world wide via Cloudflare’s Con­tent Deliv­ery Net­work (CDN).

The con­tent, includ­ing the images, is mine unless oth­er­wise attributed.